We have over 30 years of combined experience in the manufacturing, distribution, and installation of Insulated Metal Panels (IMP). IMP panels provide excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance costs which can stretch your yearly budget. They can be used in many ways to complete your new, or remodel project. For instance, cold storage rooms, food processing plants, wet rooms, paint or powder coating rooms, and much more.


Interlocking insulated metal panels are made with a urethane foam core sandwiched between two sheets of metal. This design makes a very strong panel with ”R” values up to “R”-50 for a 6” thick panel. The tongue and groove joint of these panels gives an air and moisture tight connection between panels. This connection reduces heating and cooling costs, especially in coolers and freezers.
When compared to other interior and exterior wall and ceiling options insulated metal panels are a great choice. With their excellent insulating properties, visual appeal, and low maintenance this could be the right choice for your next project.


Interlocking IMP panels are becoming the commercial industry’s go to product for new and remodel projects. Because of the benefits listed below, it’s easy to see why their popularity is growing.

     • Exceptional insulating properties                        • Superior spanning capability                                      • Reduced installation times
     • Cost-effective pricing                                            • Recycled content                                                          • Streamlined architectural appearance

TIME SAVED: Insulated metal panels are quicker and easier to install than many other building products. They can also be installed in almost any type of weather without damage to the panel integrity. As a result, weather related delays may be reduced.

MONEY SAVED: Since IMP panels install faster than many other products, there could be a labor cost savings to the customer. They are also designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements with less maintenance. As a result, maintenance costs could be reduced.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: These insulated metal panels provide consistent insulation and energy efficiency which can provide energy savings over other building materials.


We also manufacture, distribute and install “butt joint” Metal panels. These high quality insulated panels are great for projects on a smaller budget. They usually have a shorter lead-time as well.

STAINLESS STEEL, PAINTED METAL, AND ALUMINUM SKINNED PANELS: These panels come in a variety of thicknesses. You can choose a smooth or textured finish for interior uses. The panel core typically consists of EPS foam (extruded foam option is available). With length, width, and thickness options available, these panels can easily be customized to fit your project needs.

ACCESSORIES: Whether you choose “Interlocking” or “Butt Joint” panels we can provide all of the necessary trim and mounting hardware.

INSTALLATION: We offer professional installation services for all the products we distribute and manufacture. We are the only call you need to make to make your next project a reality.