Insulated Fiberglass Panels (FRP)

Insulated Fiberglass Panels are a great choice for a many types of interior commercial projects. Some of the more common uses are food processing plants, powder coating lines, coolers/freezers, clean rooms and more. As a result, FRP panels could be a great choice for your next project.

FRP panels are available in smooth and textured finishes. In addition, there are various color options available for special orders. The FRP insulated panel core is EPS foam, however, other types of foam are available. In addition, we offer a variety of length, width, and thickness options. Therefore, our FRP panels can be tailored to meet your project needs.


Insulated fiberglass panels are very easy to clean, and are moisture resistant. As a result, they are ideal for areas that are unsuitable for metal panels because of the possibility of rust and corrosion.


● We can manufacture FRP panels up to 40 feet in length and 4 foot wide. However, some other companies are limited to a maximum length of 12 foot.

● We offer the flexibility of having a variety of panel thicknesses to meet your individual project requirements.

●For tight budgets, we have the option of using FRP on one side of the panel with a thin metal backing on the other side for cost savings.


ACCESSORIES: We can provide all the needed trim and mounting hardware for our FRP insulated panels.

INSTALLATION: We offer professional installation services for all the products we distribute and manufacture. We are the only call you need to make to make your next project a reality.

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